PSP works closely with customers to schedule sweeping services that address the concerns of each individual property. We will help you determine the frequency and days of the week that best fit your location. Service contracts typically include parking lot sweeping, blowing off sidewalks and curbs, and replacing trash liners as needed.

Pressure Washing

PSP uses 3,000 PSI pressure washing equipment with waste water capture and reclamation, following BMP and in compliance with County, Department of Water Resources and EPA requirements. Standard service typically includes common area walkways and dumpster areas.

Lighting Maintenance

PSP offers regularly scheduled lighting maintenance to ensure the safety and security of your property. We perform a thorough property walk identifying lamps that are out and report additional lighting issues we observe. As part of a standard service contract we inspect and replace lamps & ballasts, clean/wipe lenses, verify photo cell operation and adjust time clocks as needed.